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        Gallium arsenide (GaAs) high-speed semiconductor chips are mainly used in microelectronics, including wireless communications, fiber optic communications, automotive and other fields; and gallium nitride (GaN) high-power semiconductor chip positioning in the high-end industries such as power management Management modules for electronic products such as laptops, tablets, telephones), electric vehicles, solar cells, and telecommunications base stations.



        San An IC provides a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and stable production to build partnerships with fabless and IDM global chipmakers. San An IC is committed to becoming the premier provider of foundry services for semiconductor semiconductors in China, the world's leading manufacturer of microwave semiconductors and the world's leading semiconductor foundry.


        Foundry Processes Process Family Primary use
        HBT (GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor) H20HL (High Linear Process)
        • Mobile phones, wireless broadband power amplifier
        • Mobile, wireless broadband low-noise amplifier amplifier
          Communication signal switcher Communication microwave devices
        • Gain
        • Communication Signal Switcher
        • Communication microwave devices
        H20HR (high toughness process)
        PHEMT (Gallium Arsenide Pseudo-type High Electron Mobility Transistor)
        P25ED (enhanced / depleted hybrid)
        P25PA (power type)
        P25SW (low starting impedance type)
        GaN SBD (Gallium Nitride Schottky Diode) Fast Recovery Schottky Diode Green energy-saving devices:
        • Power conversion / inverters for consumer electronics products
        • Vehicles / Vehicles Use Power Conversion / Inverters
        • Industrial Power Conversion / Inverters
        GaN FETs Depletion type field effect transistor
        Enhanced Field Effect Transistor