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        San’an is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in development and production of multi-junction solar cells for space and terrestrial photovoltaic applications.


        In terrestrial application, San’an has a capacity of 50MW concentrator solar cells per year and offers lattice-matched GaInP/InGaAs/Ge triple-junction solar cells with 40% efficiency under 1000 suns, AM1.5D. 

        In space application, San’an offers a range of lattice-matched GaInP/InGaAs/Ge multi-junction solar cells with efficiencies reaching 30% and upright metamorphic GaInP/InGaAs/Ge multi-junction solar cells with efficiencies reaching 31.5%. 
        San’an is committed to best-in-class production both today and in future.

        Specification download

        Space solar cell- 30% efficiency

        High concentrator multijunction solar cell

        S-G3TJCHPA Specifications